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The Helderview 

A class of its own

We are proud to present The Helderview Luxury Suites, located in the heart of Heldervue - Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa. The location is dedicated to providing quests with an exceptional experience that combines luxury, comfort, and impeccable attention to detail. The premier choice for discerning travellers seeking a unique and unforgettable stay. The building is equipped with most modern solar power electricity, so there is no load shadding. 

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The Helderview

more than a hundred years of tradition


A very special place in the Somerset West community that is so popular with Germans. Here on this property was once the nucleus of the town of Heldervue; The property and the park have been cared for and cultivated for generations: not everything here was divided into small plots for even more houses, so that today our guests can enjoy the spacious atmosphere of a park measuring around 6,000 square meters.


We are proud to be able to maintain and cherish this heritage, to make the legend of Heldervue tangible for our guests and to continue it with our very own personal touch.


FEEL LIKE at home

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With great attention to detail, we have designed our spacious rooms in the latest design and equipped them with hand-made furniture from South Africa.

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